my name is melissa and i am married to my best friend, philip. 🙂 we are expecting our first child on august 9th of this year and can’t wait to meet baby!

regarding the picture above – i don’t generally dress like a bar wench (it was actually supposed to be red riding hood) and philip doesn’t usually wear flannel (huntsman), but i love this halloween picture because even though i was sick it was so much fun to dress up.

i graduated with a humanities degree, and still haven’t really done anything with it. i’ve been a cashier, a secretary and a teacher so far…and my favorite was definitely secretary. i do love music theory and want to study it more (as in grad school).

philip graduated with a music degree and is extremely talented with composing electronic music (read: video game music). one of our current goals is to make progress towards him getting more specific education in electronic composition so that he can do what he really wants – to compose! (meaning not be a courier!!)

i love food (a lot like liz lemon for you 30rock fans…), i love music, video games, books and doing anything with philip. also, i have come to GREATLY appreciate warm weather and short winters after living  in Colorado over a winter….

i am NOT a good blogger, at all. but i spend a lot of time alone since philip works so much, so i figure maybe someone will read my boring rants about life and look at my pictures. ( i guess ill be one of those blogger-moms in a few months…)

🙂 thanks for reading!!


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