From the mountains to the ocean


So I’ve been waiting until closer to the time to let this be publicly known, and I just can’t wait anymore!

This is bittersweet, but we both firmly believe this is what we are supposed to do and recent events have only confirmed things for us.

On Easter, April 8th after the morning service at Northside we will be jumping in a u-haul (towing our car) and driving to Richmond, Va!


To try and simplify a complicated situation, Philip’s job was restructured and his pay took a HUGE hit. We knew it would be about $800 less a month, but after this last paycheck it was even over $100 less than the cut we were anticipating. (So that would mean he is getting $1000 less a month). Our rent is nearly $900 so losing that much money a month is detrimental. Also the daycare I was working at does not have enough students to pay me & I’ve been getting so exhausted…it was really for the best anyway.

We have been talking about moving to the East Coast for months anyway so that we could prepare to pursue education for Philip in Electronic Music Composition, and the COL is so much lower over there – also there are several job opportunities for Philip as well.

Also, my grandmother is getting up in age and I would really like to be near her (and of course the rest of my family)!

We are so thankful to my family for welcoming us into their homes – we know it is hard to have someone living with you, even for a short period of time.

We are hoping to find a house to rent after P gets a job (which we hope won’t take long with all of our contacts).

We will miss Philip’s family  and the church very much, and we are so thankful for your prayers & support!

If anyone would like to offer P a job 😉 (haha) or maybe you know of some rental properties we would be appreciative!

I personally am REALLY, REALLY looking forward to the move. Don’t get me wrong – I love the mountains, the lack of humidity, the Robinson/Armstrong family, the people in the church and the relative safety compared to Richmond.

But I cannot wait to see the James River again. To feel WARMTH (it is SO COLD in Colorado)!! To see my beautiful little nieces and laugh hysterically with my sister in Walmart at 1am again. To see my mom & dad who make me feel so wanted & welcome and are such fun people. To be less than a days drive away from my best friend/twin Anna and a few hours away from my “sister” Julie. (Watch out Abby – I intend on making you take this preggo to the beach this summer!) I am so excited to take our baby to the VA State Fair & Maymont park even though he/she will have no clue what is going on.

Yes, I am nostalgic and hormonal – but I am excited.



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