My first attempt at drawing manga. I'm having a horrible time with the hair. Hoping to finish this today.

Any of you artist types have advice on drawing anime hair…?

Or any online resources to share? I’m really enjoying drawing, but I need help!


2 thoughts on “Manga

  1. There’s tons of tutorials on deviantART that are helpful. What I did in high school was find photos I liked and tried to replicate them. What I do now (which is probably considered cheating at first, but who cares) is trace things until I can draw it without tracing. Usually just to get the proportions right. Then I edit what I want to be different. And now I really, really want to start drawing again, like this weekend, except I have this freelance project I’m working on that will eat up all of my time.

    You’ve got the eyes down pretty good, though the pupils should probably be a bit darker. (One of the most helpful bits of advice my drawing teacher ever gave me was “don’t be afraid to make your darks too dark.”) With the eyebrows, the thinness is about right – I’d either make them really small or really abnormally long. Not sure which. And very angular, which it seems you’ve started to get pretty well. And the comment someone left on your Facebook is right – with hair, it’s less tendrils of hair and more solid pieces (with maybe hints of tendrils here and there).

    So happy to see you’re starting to draw!! There needs to be more art in the world.


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