Ask my husband – I have strong opinions on everything from politics to tv shows to food. He thinks I’m crazy, since he doesn’t really get worked up about much of anything. He still loves me though, thankfully. 😉

One of the things that has ticked me off over the last couple of years (and more so since I’ve been pregnant -AKA hormonal) is that the BEST dessert type food items that they have had at Starbucks (IMO) have been discontinued…despite the fact that they were selling well and people loved them.


Exhibit A.

 The Black Bottom Cupcake.

My favorite cupcake EVER. EVER!! Even more than Red Velvet!!  Think moist chocolate cake with moist, sweet cream cheese on top and mini chocolate chips.      See why I miss it???

They had this cupcake for a few years and then completely discontinued it…no idea why – you had to get to Starbucks pretty early even to get one before they sold out, so it’s not like they were losing money.

The picture & link below is a copycat recipe…which I have not tried…mostly as an emotional & angry protest to Starbucks for making me bake my own cupcake when I could go buy one! Humph!! (sarcasm) But also because…I guess I’m lazy.

Copycat Black Bottom Cupcake recipe


Exhibit B.

The Peppermint Brownie.

Now, this brownie went PERFECTLY with a peppermint white mocha or a peppermint hot chocolate. They just got rid of this one somewhat recently, as in maybe a year or less. Instead of completely destroying this tasty treat, they made it into a cake pop which my sister says is good, but I refuse to eat it.

I want my peppermint brownie back!!  *sigh*

Here is the current *shudder* peppermint cake pop:

And here is a picture of the yummy original….I haven’t found a copycat recipe that sounds good enough yet….

I think I’m depressed now. Which mean I’ll probably eat. 😉

Just not my above mentioned beloved treats.


Was there something you loved that got discontinued?

Seems like it always happens to your favorite things, doesn’t it!



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